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The Lake Como

We are in Domaso on the west side of the northern lake Como.

Lake Como

The limited extension of the territory should not be misleading as few other Italian localities offer such a variety of environmental, landscape and human settlement tipologies.

Very small villages with rows of characteristic stone houses come one after the other along the lake side and world famous localities known for their beauty. These are lake localities that maintain that sound charm which made them a sure stop-over for those refined visitors who crossed the Alps in order to visit Italy.

The splendid estates which lie along the banks of the Como lakes and in Brianza are evidence of the charm which the province of Como has been able to wield, a charm which grows before the presence of these extraordinary buildings set in luxurious gardens.

A particular characteristic of these gardens are the plants which are normally found in very mild climates, for example laurel trees, olive trees and tropical plants which thrive thanks to the climate of the lake which is unusually mild if one considers its geographic position.

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the village of Domaso

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Images of Lake Como

Lago de Como Comosj°en Comosj÷n Comos°en

Comojarvi Comˇi-tˇ Jezioro Como jezera Como

Resort Le Vele - Holiday Services s.a.s. Domaso lago di Como
Resort Le Vele - Holiday Services s.a.s.
Via Case Sparse, 244 - 22013 Domaso (CO)
P.IVA 02308620133
TEL: +39 0344 965049


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